Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pressure vs Chemical

What is soft washing?

Soft Washing has been a somewhat new thing in the cleaning industry. Most people have no clue what it is. Well, it's simply chemical cleaning without high pressure. It is the preferred cleaning method for both the asphalt roof and vinyl siding manufacturing companies.

Which works best?

Think of pressure washing and soft washing like tools in a handyman's belt. Each tool has it's purpose. The hammer and the screw driver are both tools that are used to fasten one object to another. But in very different ways. The handyman wouldn't pull out the hammer to tighten a door knob. Soft washing is like the screw driver. Some surfaces need the soft finesse rather than the pounding of high pressure. Don't dismiss the pressure washer. There's a major place for it also. Certain stains on hard surfaces like concrete can't be removed with the soft wash detergents alone. 

It takes an experienced company with well trained staff to know how to utilize all of the tools at the right time. Both methods of exterior cleaning can be dangerous. They both can cause damage to the surface if not used properly. When hiring a company make sure to ask the right questions. If they are not insured chances are they have no idea what they're doing. Ask what methods they use for each type of job needed. If hired, take notice of what type of equipment they show up with. If it's just a pressure washer for a multiple surface job, you may want to reconsider.

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